An ontological stage represents a major cohesion; it governs each and every feature of the reality you experience.

Stages of Conscious Awakening

You may wish to refer to the sections Being and Becoming and Process of Discovery before reading this page.

The change from a baseline state of consciousness through altered states to a new baseline applies to the stages of awakening or what may also be regarded as levels of ontological, or being, development. As reflected by the different relationships of consciousness (i.e., ASC or d-ASC), each level represents new concepts and behaviors. Glimpsing each new stage is an ASC until you can employ the skills associated with it with some degree of proficiency, whereupon it has become a d-ASC. When you have learned several related skills, such as various aspects of imagination, you experience a b-SoC shift, and have a new assemblage point position. The main difference between specific skills and the broader cohesion of stages is the degree of expansion; put another way, differences among levels represent how much of your energy body has been actualized, how much of your unconscious has become conscious.

An ASC occurs principally due to the random influence of the second energy field. Some portion of imagination pops into consciousness, and then usually exits. A new baseline form when you have integrated this information into the first field which means you have learned something about another part of your second field; you have learned to manage imagination a bit better. It also means you have expanded your first field, what is known. Again, the process is the same for handling a particular skill or enlarging your worldview, just on different scales. Ontological development, then, brings entire segments of your energy body into awareness and you experience quantitative leaps of consciousness.

An ontological stage represents a major cohesion; it governs each and every feature of the reality you experience. Cohesion organizes your perceptions of the world and, in so doing, calls forth interpretations, values, ethics, habits, hopes, dreams, and states of health. With each shift in cohesion, these change. Intensity of daily experience magnifies at each new level.

Each stage is also a domain relating to self-actualization, to ontological being. A self-actualization journey requires being oriented to core for each step. The degree of proficiency of stabilizing core awareness varies among levels. As you progress from orientation to training, and on to craftsmanship, artistry, and mastery, you can express more of your completeness because you've claimed more of your consciousness. These levels are natural to humans in the same manner that moths have natural stages, growing from egg to larva to pupa to adult. Each is a domain of discovery.


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