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Portions of this site are from Shamanism for the Age of Science: Awakening the Energy Body by Kenneth Smith. Rochester, Vt.: Inner Traditions/Bear & Co., 2011.

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Learning Skills

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1. Lines drawings of the energy body by David Brown and modified by Jennifer Geib.

2. Modern acupuncture chart is used with the kind permission of Devatara J. Holman, Marin Oriental Medicine, Sausalito, California,

3. Cellular matrix and inference illustrations are used with the kind permission of James Oschman.

4. Cornerstones of Perception from Norbert Classen, Das Wissen der Tolteken (Knowledge of the Toltecs) by Norbert Classen. Freiburg, Germany: Hans-Nietsch-Verlag, 2002.

5. Other images are courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


Updates to Shamanism for the Age of Science

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