... all of these energies form a "symphony of vibratory messages" and that consciousness is the totality of these vibrations.

Living Matrix

In his landmark text, Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, biophysicist James Oschman details the body's living matrix, a complex network formed by all systems of the body. Energy is at its core. In building his case, Oschman points out that DNA’s response to pulsing magnetic fields has been well documented. He also describes an extracellular matrix found throughout the body and its multi-faceted relation to energy fields. This continuous fabric of connective tissue “exerts specific and important influences upon cellular dynamics, just as much as hormones and neurotransmitters." The extracellular matrix may be the connecting link to other systems as it performs functions related to physiological regulation, memory, and consciousness. Oschman relates learning to changes in the extracellular matrix.20

Oschman also regards the extracellular matrix as part of a larger system extending throughout the body that consists of the cytoskeleton (a "molecular scaffolding" that gives each cell its shape and ability to move) and the nuclear matrix within each cell. Combined, these matrices form a "tissue tensegrity-matrix system"—the living matrix—which provides the structures and abilities of the physical body. The living matrix generates and transmits vibrations in the form of mechanical waves, electrical signals, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, heat, and light.21

It may turn out that science documents that, as evidenced by memory storage in soft tissues and extremely rapid communication throughout the body due to the living matrix, the entire body is responsible for awareness that is now relegated solely to the brain. For this accounting, various forms of energy are part of the mix. James Oschman thinks all of these energies form a "symphony of vibratory messages" and that consciousness is the totality of these vibrations.22


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