Reason, talking, feeling, imagination, seeing and will are tools for learning, whereas the energy fields represent domains of learning—regions of consciousness where learning may occur.

Learning and Imagination

Knowing the two sides of the energy body is basic to understanding its structure and use. Simply, they are the right and left sides. In terms of bioenergetics, they are the first and second energy fields. In terms of psychology, they are the conscious and unconscious, or the known and unknown parts of our energy body. Learning and imagination—which respectively emphasize stability and rapid expansion of awareness—are the two fundamental, integral approaches to develop both sides of the energy body.

The interplay of learning and imagination is the substance of consciousness. Through the we expand our awareness into unknown worlds and then collapse this into known references. In leapfrog manner, we open and close, close and open. Expanding consciousness is the dance of these two partners. And we can compartmentalize these domains of awareness within the energy body.


First Energy Field

This is the known world, that which has been learned. You may also think of it as that which is most familiar to you, the order of your life. In essence, the first field contains the order that has been formed out of potential energy. In most circumstances, our relationship with the first field forms through reason. But reason is only a portion of what’s available to human awareness. The more you suspend reason, the more you become adept at expanding the first field as you have not relegated yourself solely to the prevailing known world, the reality formed by thought and group consensus. Doing to grants entry into imagination.


Second Energy Field

The second field pertains to the unknown, to the potential of imagination that has yet to be actualized. For most, this comprises the more expansive area of the energy body. By expanding the first field, you reduce the second field. The unknown becomes known. One school of thought maintains that the first field needs to be constantly extended into the second field through learning. Another view holds that the second field pulls at, and expands, the first field through imagination. In either case, you are realizing more of your potential.


Third Energy Field

Developing learning and imagination awakens the entire energy body. This leads to awareness of a third energy field, a dimension that exists outside the energy body yet impacts it due to environmental pressure.


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